While researching on wearable technology I came across the idea of transhumanism. I found it quite interesting to think about where technology enhancements on the human body might bring us to. Starting with the quantified self movement, wearables are starting to be an integral part in the lives of many people and today – just after this year`s CES in Las Vegas has ended – everybody is speaking about wearables. Thinking this idea further, we are putting more and more technology on our body with the ultimate goal to become better. So basic ideas of transhumanism are already reality.

This is a great introductory video on transhumanism by the British Institute of Posthuman Studies:

This article from German newspaper ZEIT shows how this developed from the quantified self movement. (German only)

This video on Tim Cannon`s talk on “Our Cyborg Future” is linked in the article

Also this TED Talk on exoskeletons is pretty interesting. Pretty obvious but nevertheless scaring that military applications are among the first things to be realized.

While many people I think are appalled by such visions I think it`s important what is being said in the BIOPS video linked above – in order to participate in this discussion we need to be informed about current trends in technology and what it means for society.

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