27th Bled eConference

Last week me and some colleagues travelled to beautiful and stunning Bled in Slovenia to attend the 27th Bled eConference.

I was presenting my first paper on the topic “Adoption of Mobile Business Solutions and its Impact on Organizational Stakeholders” there. This was my first research and I looked into what drivers facilitate adoption and what impact that has within the organization. One example would be BYOD – when users bring their devices to the workplace and start using them for business purposes, this would surely be something that facilitates the use of mobile applications within the organization. However, on the other hand corporate IT departments will face a whole lot of challenges, because they have to incorporate these devices into the existing IT infrastructure. You can find my presentation on Slideshare. The original paper can be found in the conference proceedings and if you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to reach out. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Overall I liked the conference a lot, it was really well organized and there was plenty of room to meet other participants. Unfortunately I did not attend a lot of sessions, I had to spend a lot of time working and writing on the next paper (HICSS deadline coming up :-)), but when you have your desk with a view over Lake Bled, work feels much more pleasant.


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