Visual diary – March

March was a very busy month. I kicked of a student project with a client and continued working on the Digital Transformation Report. I was also involved in the jury of the Digital Transformation Award of Best of Swiss Web and participated in the award night in Zurich. Regarding my non-professional life I got elected into the steering comittee of my fencing club (Fechtclub St.Gallen). One of my yearly highlights is the annual “Wortlaut” literature festival in St.Gallen. This is a great event that made me fall in love with St.Gallen when I went there for the first time in 2011. Also I went skiing for the first time in three years with the institute of information management and I got interviewed for the movie “Finding Hope Through Robin’s Tale” that is directed by Ryan Ao, whom I met on Kauai. I’m looking forward for the movie to be out. I’ll have an IMBD entry! In a movie with Robin Williams!

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