My paper at eBled 2016 – Fuzzy Front-End of Digital Transformation

Last week I was at the Bled eConference in Slovenia for the second time and presented my latest research paper there. The conference in Bled is fantastic for multiple reasons – interesting people, a friendly atmosphere, stunning location and great food. Again, we were pretty lucky with the weather, so it could not have been better.

My paper presentation went very well and I got some interesting feedback from my track chair and also from the keynote presentation of Prof. Alan Hevner and my discussion with him during the coffee break. Turns out, one of Alan Hevner’s current research projects is on the front-end of innovation and goes pretty much into the same direction as my dissertation. So there is a lot of inspiration that I can take from his previous work.

My research paper was a literature review where I tried to compile the current research on the front-end phase of strategy formulation in organizational change processes. I collected the different perspectives of three disciplines – information systems, management & strategy, and organization science. This paper will be part of the introduction of my dissertation. I decided to publish my paper presentation on slideshare, since it gives you a short overview on the main findings of the paper:

My paper “The Fuzzy Front-End of Digital Transformation: Three Perspectives on the Formulation of Organizational Change Strategies” has been published in the conference proceedings of the 29th Bled eConference and will soon be downloadable in the AIS electronic library.

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