Dissertation presentation in Helsinki

When I decided to spend the summer in Estonia, I tried to get in touch with other researchers and PhD students in Tallinn as well as in Helsinki (since it’s only a ferry ride away) in order to exchange ideas and learn.

Prof. Matti Rossi from the Aalto School of Business sent me an invitation to spend a day at their institute, get to know the colleagues over lunch, and to give a short presentation on my research on digital transformation and my PhD thesis. I think it is very helpful to present your ideas and discuss them with others on a regular basis. In the beginning of my PhD journey I was somehow shy with my topic and did not want to show anything before I thought it through, in particular, since I was new in the field. As time progressed, I grew more confident and I can clearly see how my dissertation benefits from the discussion and feedback of others. So I am glad I embraced this opportunity and I would like to thank Matti and his team for having me!

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