Work / Life Camp (Part 2)

After my husband and I spent last summer in Sweden and have been half working, half relaxing in Stockholm for 10 days, the idea of working in another city has really grown on me. Being in another city and changing my work routine feels very refreshing and inspiring to me. Therefore we are currently thinking about possible places for our “work / life camp 2016”. Current frontrunners are Helsinki or Tallinn, but let’s see where we’ll end up. This time I’d not only like to work half days there, but also use the fact that I am in another city and schedule informal interviews with digital experts, start-up entrepreneurs or other researchers in those cities in order to learn more about the digital scene there.

Digitization allows knowledge workers like myself to just work about anywhere we’d like. This is also part of a very cool project, that a colleague of mine is working on – Mia Engiadina. Usually people move into the bigger cities for work, while other parts of the country – despite being beautiful – are declining and loose especially the younger population. Projects like these are perfect to bring people like me – work / life camper :-) and digital nomads to these places. I’m excited to see how the project will turn out, but I think it’s an awesome idea for many regions in Switzerland.

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